Calamities Inflicted

by Viieden

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released August 18, 2012

Hazem Mallah - Vocals, Bass
Abdullah Ghosheh - Guitars
Fadi Massamiri - Drums

Production of Old Hearth Studios



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Grindbor Records

An independent record label specialized in the Middle Eastern heavy metal scene.

Grindbor Records is based in Jordan, Syria, and Spain.

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Track Name: Scripture Rider Homicide
Chariots of fire emerge, all living to ashes turn
The bleak world lies dead as the orgy of silence worn air
Gods of heavens, nameless graves, hear my call to sleep again

Triumphs of glorious ones, horns upon faces of goats
Ugly sunrise from within, boiling rivers to paragon into spectre oath
Carnal herds of wisdom opened the gate of floating shades

Ages serving chains, equally gesture dazzling pray
Hiding in the court of light, seemed so close to carve a universe
But naked bodies will lead us, summon struggles mighty blaze the water
Scattered limbs dead bodies finally comes to peace

Execution encountered chaos
Hatred of the slaves on the impure fatal
Decapitated sheep on the road to vengeance
Mutilate faces beneath, scripture rider homicide
Matrimony of snakes and vomit reveal drapery stench, torment of all
Engines,shovels, falsity of reasons
Spurring aching limbs aside, rise above the gleaming grip
Darkness contemplated deaths, crumble sands beside your failure
Undefeated branded vow, lapse pyre adored soil

Grinding shafts for no one's deeds
Plagued eternity stealth your pathway

Eyes in pallor dismal mirth
I'm the gaze of the godless brut freedom seekers glory
Dismember human beings, throw their bodies from the high mountains
Words will not work with them anymore
Genitals burned, eyes sucked the ego dread
Grim faces, hearts of stone

Draining strength slowly fading, trapped in the witching hour of boom
Calm eye of wrath, glow so cold
None will live to face the doom

Pure cultic blessings, reignes supreme
We raped asunder prophets, to satisfy visual glance of hell
And now we are ready for the gods below

Slaves of deception
Crimson rivers flowed beneath
Until we showed the sacrifice consumed by victory
The sign of your horns
Track Name: Impalement Upon Creation
Thee do we worship, and thine aid we seek

Fain would they deceive, and finally realised
Fain would they deceive

Disharmony, infection, rotten years
Aura feeble, forgotten lords
They raped the culture of light and buried therein our vivid words
Altars of the hex they said, unaware of the terror and beasts

Lucid ultimate pain, melted, carving books on humans brow
Out of this shame they caused, in the fiery chariots I ride...

Pain while dreaming, now i see again
Straddling fortune splattered in winds
I can't even hear my call
Let the servants show their swords
Manifest heap of suffering
Growls through water
Uncared for your rotten guts

Follow a tumor afflicted hunger
Putrefaction across your veins
Illusions, stigma, god killed his sons
Cruel parasite shattered into human
Strain consumers: why dont you reveal loss?
Disposed from identities
Save your sons from being you

Deterioration breaks your bones, amenities will dig your grave
It's time to sober up, forgotten infidelity

Forced to save their selfish wonders
And their anguish raped by blaze
The day of judgement and revenge
Attractive chaos

Rush towards feebleness
Ghosts of forests reign again
Mortal blessings gifted death
The black heart of the rain

Deep in altar's morbid sins
You will never find the path
Desecration of the books
Undefeated torments

Fear the air you breathe

As a solace harming codes
The passage lied open
Impalement upon creation
Great truth of god!